Climate control solutions tailored to your industry.

We have 30 years of experience in providing industrial and commercial solutions for temperature and humidity control.

Trusted by over 60 companies in different industries

Temperature and humidity control solutions tailored to your needs

We integrate the most durable and efficient technologies to solve humidity and temperature problems for different industries located in various regions and climates in Mexico.

Equipos de control de temperatura industrial en el techo de una instalación.
Ingeniero de mantenimiento experto en equipos de control de temperatura y humedad

Maintenance service for any brand

We offer custom service agreements that adjust to the size and configuration of your industrial air conditioning infrastructure, regardless of the brand of your equipment.

Solutions for engineers, designers and maintenance managers for whom the efficiency and durability of their climate control equipment is a most.

Case studies

Learn how Translimite has helped some of the biggest companies in Mexico to solve their temperature and humidity control problems.



Humidity control for Audi Puebla painting booths.

Pilgrim's Pride - Control de temperatura en área de incubación
Food and Beverage

Pilgrim's Pride

Temperature control for Pilgrim’s incubation area.

Control de humedad en refrigeradores de Walmart


Humidity control for Walmart refrigerators area.